Cloudmesh launches new Pools4You website

Daniel Comley


Cloudmesh has been working with Pools4You, a Queensland based swimming pool construction business, to redesign and modernise their website. We have just launched their new modern website with the aim of attracting new customers and helping the business thrive now and into the future.

Pools4You homepage
Pools4you new homepage

Their previous website was in use for many years, and while it served its purpose, it was quite out of date based on today’s standards. It contained a number of Adobe Flash elements, which is no longer supported by most browsers.

We redesigned their website from scratch, first looking at competitor websites to identify where the website was lacking and investigating what types of content could be included. We also looked at Google Trends to see what types of information people searching for swimming pools in Queensland were most interested in and looking for.

Based on the these results, we took the text from the existing website and reviewed it, and made a number of changes to refresh the information presented. We also made a number of recommendations on additional content which would add value to the visitors of the website, which has led to the addition of more information helpful for potential customers. We also obtained high quality images of work which Pools4You has completed over recent years and showcased them across all of the pages on the new website.

Pools4You Contact page
Pools4You Contact page

The website has had a successful launch bringing in many new visits to the site. If you live in Queensland and are in the market for a new swimming pool, check out the new Pools4You website here. The business has 35 years of experience in the pool industry and play an active role in designing and building swimming pools from start to finish.

If your business is in need of a new modern looking website, please contact us at Cloudmesh and we would love to have a discussion on designing your new site.